Materials and Corrosion Engineering

From its early days Cescor adopted a modern approach to corrosion and material engineering, perceiving the discipline as a strategic contribution to design. CESCOR has developed an integrated approach combining knowledge of metallic material properties, corrosion fundamentals and prevention methods, to offer optimised, cost-effective solutions. CESCOR’s primary markets are the oil & gas industry, however, our expertise and engineering services extends to civil and industrial facilities and infrastructures. 
Corrosion and Materials Selection

Corrosion and Materials Selection

Corrosion evaluation of process fluids and material selection for piping, vessels and equipment is mandatory in the design of oil and gas treatment plants and process facilities. Corrosion inhibition treatment and corrosion monitoring integrate the material selection process within a cost effectiveness framework. CESCOR has successfully completed hundreds of corrosion and material selection projects for process plants, production wells, subsea systems and gathering networks across the world.

Main deliverables are typically:

  • Material Selection Diagrams (MSD)
  • Corrosion inhibition philosophy and design
  • Corrosion monitoring design
  • Corrosion Risk Assessments (CRA) studies
  • Corrosion Management Manuals (CMM)
Materials and Metallurgy

Materials and Metallurgy

Constructing a new pipeline infrastructure requires the joint expertise of many technical disciplines. From the material and metallurgical viewpoint the principal activities include:
  • Definition of technical requirements for pipeline components
  • Definition of welding requirements
  • Technical bid evaluation
  • Technical review of suppliers’ documents and test data
  • Inspections at supplier’s facilities.
CESCOR provided expert support to a number of world-class projects globally.
Main project deliverables are:
  • Line-pipe specifications
  • Line-pipe technical data sheets
  • Material requisitions
  • Welding procedure specification
  • Technical bid evaluation forms. Logs, alignment and comment sheets
  • Inspection reports
  • Factory Assessment Testing (FAT) and witnessing.

Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity

Corrosion is known to represent the main threat to the integrity of metallic structures throughout their operating life. Accordingly, corrosion and material expertise are essential for asset integrity management, and to ensure safe and sustainable operations. CESCOR provides expert services for asset integrity management of existing / operational assets, onshore and offshore, including:

  • Integrity assessments - Piping & Vessels. Static equipment. Tanks. Pipelines
  • CRA (Corrosion Risk Assessment
  • IOWs (Integrity Operating Windows)
  • Overland, onshore and subsea pipeline requalification
  • Internal and External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA & ECDA)
  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Inspection Plans
  • Inspection data analysis
  • Pipeline ILI data analysis and Fitness for Service assessments (FFS)
  • Durability assessment studies
  • Sour service resistance assessment and verifications
  • CMM (Corrosion Management Manual)
Corrosion engineering, cathodic protection, inspections
Corrosion engineering, cathodic protection, inspections

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