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During the recent "Giornate nazionali sulla corrosione e protezione” (National days on corrosion and protection) the works of our colleagues Beatrice Refraschini ‘s “Protezione catodica nell’eolico offshore: corrente impressa vs anodi galvanici” (Cathodic protection in offshore wind power: impressed current vs galvanic anodes) and Sara Chiaroni ‘s “Corrosione in acqua di mare in spazi confinati”(Corrosion in sea water in confined spaces) were presented.

Both papers were written with other colleagues from Cescor Srl.

In the group picture, also Tiziana Caglioni, one of the co-authors of the first paper, and the President of @Cescor Srl, Professor Luciano Lazzari.

20220901 Cavallaro Medal

We are delighted to announce that, on the occasion of EuroCorr 2022 at the beginning of September, the Cescor Srl founder Professor Luciano Lazzari has been awarded by the European Corrosion Federation the prestigious Cavallaro 2022 Medal, which is assigned every two years to distinguished scientists in the field of corrosion.

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ICorr webinar

Icorr post

Cescor Srl's Cathodic Protection and Inspections Manager Dr. Paolo Marcassoli and Independent Subsea Consultant Istvan Bartha will offer a presentation titled “Life extension of offshore platforms, through retrofit CP design assisted by modelling’’ for ICorr London on Thursday the 13th of January 2022 at 6pm GMT.

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Corrosion engineering, cathodic protection, inspections
Corrosion engineering, cathodic protection, inspections

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